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Himi-shi education promotion basic plan

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 About Himi-shi education promotion basic plan

 Purpose of 1 plan development

  In late years human relations become thin than before, and home and local education improvement are demanded from school still more from the start while we become nuclear family, and low birthrate and aging advances. In addition, it is necessary to make basic direction of education that Motoichi aims at and promotion of education measure for the realization clear to plan further promotion of education while various problems pile up.

  In addition, in the revised Fundamental Law of Education, basic idea of education of the new times was shown, and development of education promotion basic plan was required in country and was prescribed to act for development of education promotion basic plan depending on the local fact in district. Therefore Motoichi devised education promotion basic plan to carry out education measure that matched the local fact more effectively.


 Positioning of 2 plan

  It is plan that we devised in light of education promotion basic plan of country and places this plan as basics of educational administration promotion of Motoichi and it is activity plan of the field of education of the eighth Himi-shi master plan and plans promotion of business while keeping consistency with plan according to various fields except jurisdiction of the Board of Education.


 3 basics ideas

  By Himi-shi education promotion basic plan, we advocate "man build-up to love oldness, and to take the next generation" on as basic idea which foresaw point for about ten years about education of Motoichi.

 It is decided that the cause of cooperation, cooperation of home, school, area promotes will and upbringing of such a "person who loves hometown, and carries the next generation" who takes responsibility, and wrestles, and is proud of Himi-shi for local problem solution while we love oldness based on this idea, and thought acts with oldness as root.


 << three important points >>

 ◇ Promotion such as cooperation education in the small

 Because it is a chance to have become seventh grader from primary schoolchild and refuses to go to school without being able to be familiar with change of learning and life, and bullying plans fixation of "reliable scholastic ability" by practice of learning that let you have cancellation and the durability and consistency of increasing "middle 1 gap", cooperation builds the system which can cooperate each other, and the staff of a school of elementary and junior high school promotes organized system-like education that foresaw nine years of compulsory education.

 ◇ Improvement (parent learns) of education power at home

 Home training is the starting point of all education, but in late years opportunity of the succession decreases by becoming between generations, and protector holding uneasiness in child care increases nuclear family. Therefore, protector talks about home training casually and we breed character of intentional "pro-learning" that thinks about the way as parent by establishing premeditatedly and act as place of information exchange reviewing in enhancement at opportunity when joy of child care can realize.

 ◇ Promotion of oldness and education

 There are many children transferred taking the opportunity of entrance into a school of higher grade in the suburbs, and, in the present situation that population decline is not stopped, there are many voices for breeding of regionalism and education that local, came among citizens. Therefore, we promote "hometown education" so that people of every generation set opportunity and place to learn about local nature, history, culture depending on life stage effectively, and attachment and pride to hometown root in citizen well.


 4 planning cycles

 We do with five years from 2012 to 28.




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