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The second Himi-shi education promotion basic plan

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 About the second Himi-shi education promotion basic plan


 Purpose of 1 plan development

 It is plan that covered all the whole measure in conjunction with Himi Board of Education and places this plan as basics of educational administration promotion of Himi-shi in light of education promotion basic plan of country.

 In addition, it is activity plan of the field of education of the eighth Himi-shi master plan and plans promotion of business while lighting up with education policy that consistency with changes such as recent society environment and master plan of Himi-shi, country, prefecture push forward while keeping consistency with various distinction plans except jurisdiction of the Board of Education to carry out education measure that was correct in the fact of Himi-shi more effectively.

 Furthermore, this plan was not fixed and we inspect the evaluation to be concrete in process carrying out measure and perform review at any time when we needed plan change with changes of social conditions and promote measure effectively. 

 2 planning cycles

  We do with four years from 2018 to 33.

 3 basics idea "oldness and man build-up to love Himi, and to take the next generation" on

 It is important that we lay emphasis on man build-up above all now to push forward town planning of the next generation.

 The world changes in opportune time from the period of the high growth of economy, and people demand individual life from equal life and, on the other hand, invite low birthrate and aging, the population decline times. Therefore, in politics, economy, society, system that supported past development, review of structure are demanded.

 Because Himi-shi received indication with "municipality in danger of disappearing" from construction meeting in Japan while we did it this way, and population decreased by 21% again in 25 years, we came to receive designation of depopulated area based on law.

 It is demanded more than before that we dissolve future uneasiness in Himi-shi, and citizen's everybody can have hope and is. We are thinking that we greatly participate for such a future problem solution whether Himi-shi can survive from now on or citizen's all of you can spend this the second education promotion basic plan happily.

 Therefore, the first basic idea added "Himi" to "man build-up to love oldness, and to take the next generation" on and did the second basic idea with "man build-up to love oldness and Himi, and to carry the next generation" on.

 How to catch of "hometown" varied, but we had you catch "Himi" as basics with oldness, and deepened understanding and had attachment, and it established basic idea for the purpose of planning upbringing of human resources who had you carry the future by person. 

4 basics target

 ... which we send man build-up to bring up full ... power to live for of A school education, and to take the next generation on to

 ... which pushes forward man build-up which knows B oldness and good point of full - Himi of education, and loves hometown

 ... which stimulates man build-up aiming at problem solution through full - learning of C lifelong learning


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