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About examination result of the 15th himi Quito Quito comics way award

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As part of town planning that we made use of comics in in Motoichi that was hometown of Fujio Fujiko Ⓐ teacher,

We carry out "himi Quito Quito comics way award".

Examination results of "himi Quito Quito comics way award" that reached the 15th in this year are as follows.

Examination result

 No grand prix, award for excellence (the public, the youth) and applicable work of fine work (the public, the youth)

The application situation

In two months from July 1 to August 31, there was 103 points of application from home and abroad.

As for the age of applicant, 7 years old (first grader), the most advanced age were 89 years old the youngest.

In addition, in the country, we had application in foreign territory from Paris of France from 27 metropolis and districts. 

The Fujio Fujiko Ⓐ teacher general comment

We applied, and thank you for the work in "himi Quito Quito comics way award" this year from home and abroad.

As a result of having performed fair examination, it will be said that there is no prize-winning work this time.

It turned out very disappointing, but there was work called winning a prize by a little more invention, too.

Idea power and power of expression are prolonged more and more by repeating various experience.

You advocate aim, and please continue having feeling to challenge. We expect!

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