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2017 Himi-shi staff adoption selection guidance [clinical psychologist] (the authorized fixed-term staff)

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 Is going to adopt the subscription for 1 type of job; the staff, main business outline, qualifications

 The offer type of job  Is going to adopt; the staff  Business outline  Qualifications


 Clinical psychologist


Around one person

 For children psychology judgment by examination of psychology or interview, specialized consultation, instruction duties Person who was born after April 2, 1982        Person having qualification of clinical psychologist of association of Japan clinical psychologist qualification authorization or person who has duties experience and ability for high specialty in people of acquisition possibility in the qualification by March, 2018

 2 eligibility requirements for an examination

  Person corresponding to one of each next issue cannot take an exam.

  1. Person who does not have Japanese nationality
  2. Adult ward or cover conservator (including quasi-incompetent)
  3. Person before ceasing to receive the execution until we are sentenced to punishment with more than of imprisonment and end the execution or
  4. Person who gets a punishment of disciplinary dismissal as the Himi-shi staff, and does not pass in two years from day of the disposal concerned
  5. Person who formed political party or other groups which insisted on destroying the Constitution of Japan or the government established below by violence in afterward on day of the Constitution of Japan enforcement or joined this

 3 selection methods  

  (1) Paper screening    Based on application, we select by specialty and achievements.

  (2) We carry out individual interview and aptitude test (Spi3) in interview, aptitude test subject at any time. 

  (3) Qualification investigation    We confirm eligibility requirements for an examination, the application items mentioned.

 4 reception desk periods

   At any time (finished as soon as adoption is decided.)

 5 applications

  (1) Staff adoption selection application for Himi-shi term with

  (2) Records such as duties careers

  (3) Two pieces of 82-yen stamps

 Subscription for 6 guidance

   As for the details, please see Himi-shi staff adoption selection guidance (the authorized fixed-term staff) in 2017.

   We can download records such as offer guidance, selection application and duties career than the following link. (PDF file)

  (note) when download, please print on white paper of A4 size by all means.


 Attached file


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