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News of north bridge rebuilding construction

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News of north bridge rebuilding construction

 We rebuild "north bridge" built over Shogawa on Chuoucho, Kitaomachi of prefectural road thicket field Shimotako Line.

 1 summary

 Because approximately 78 years pass, and deterioration progresses, we will rebuild "north bridge" which we built in 1938 in new bridge.

 2 construction schedules and flow regulation

 After having installed temporary pedestrian bridge, we remove all the existing bridges, and construction builds new bridge afterwards. 

 We cannot pass "north bridge" till new bridge is completed after removing bridge.

 Approximately two and a half years (plan) from suspension of traffic organization October 3, 2016 to the end of 2018 

3 detours

 Detour of vehicle becomes Kitaomachi intersection from harborside road (hibi*kodaikyo) from Chuoucho intersection.

 In addition, we can pass city street and temporary pedestrian bridge to mall of north bridge, Hashizume.

 We cause all of you trouble very much, but I would like understanding and cooperation.


 Figure of detour of expansion, please click the following image.

4 references

 Himi-shi city planning, community design support section    Telephone 74-8078

 Himi, Toyama engineering works office road group (construction orderer) telephone 74-0951



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