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Regular news conference document <June, 2016>

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June, 2016 regular news conference (June 10, 2016)

About summary of 1 June, 2016 Himi-shi assembly ordinary assembly revised budget (plan) (attached sheet)

2 "work of this year of "oldness and Himi" that we want to know more and want to convey"

   It is ... about the publication of budget book that is plain in ... 2016

3 "supports shining woman!" It is ... about recruitment of ... Himi-shi woman congressists

Conduct ... of intelligence training - Himi-shi flood control training such as the damaged situation that we applied 4 ICT in

About conduct of town planning contact talk of 5 mayors

About conduct of 6 "light down campaigns"


About contribution that we had by the end of May, 2016

Main schedule of from June to July in 2016


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June, 2016 regular news conference document [PDF file /2 .30 megabytes]

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