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Regular news conference document <July, 2016>

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July, 2016 regular news conference (July 4, 2016)

New cut end of Himi ingredients which charisma chef shows for three days to mention 1 Okuda magic

    ... held ... wealth in recipe in Himi of collar

Let's enjoy town of 2 seas, town of fish! tototaberone Himi

"Monster" appears in yukaitsukai for the first time in hometown, Himi-shi of 3 Fujio Fujiko Ⓐ teachers!

We cannot overlook in 4 this summer either! Charm of Himi-shi sea breeze gallery Fujiko Ⓐ teacher overflows

    Contents are fulfilling!

Let's heap up with all 5! "We wait for Toyama Bay bank cycling of cyclist scale

    We send Himi!

6 Himi-shi beach botanical gardens with "the eleventh parent and child contact worship creature which is 2016 - color color

    Let's touch! News of ... holding


About contribution that we had by the end of June, 2016

Main schedule of from July, 2016 to August


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