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July 11, 2018
We install contribution box hanging over West Japan heavy rain disaster and Seki-shi, Gifu heavy rain disaster of sister city in 2018
July 10, 2018
About Himi-shi first learning experience school lunch center kitchen apparatus choice proposal
July 6, 2018
About proposal conduct of Himi-shi government enterprise accounting system construction duties
July 5, 2018
2018 Himi-shi flower bed contest examination result
July 4, 2018
Regular news conference document <July, 2018>
July 4, 2018
The sea breeze gallery are display permutations under the theme of "black humor, scary thing"
July 4, 2018
It recruits Himi-shi Community Revitalization Aid the third batch (additional offer)
July 3, 2018
Summer vacation! Character greeting holding of ninja Hattori, monster! (July 28, 29th)
July 2, 2018
We distribute help mark
July 2, 2018
2018 inhabitants medical examination
July 2, 2018
Himi-shi attending school road road safety program
July 1, 2018
We issued news from library summer of 2018 issue
July 1, 2018
[Himi municipal library] We introduce new book which became available in June, 2018
June 27, 2018
About prevention of collapse of wall made of blocks
June 27, 2018
It recruits part-time service, temporary workers of adoption in August, 2018
June 25, 2018
It recruits nursery staff working in Himi-shi
June 25, 2018
Procurement promotion policies such as articles from person with a disability working facilities
June 20, 2018
Public information himi (2018)
June 19, 2018
About Himi-shi land improvements public corporation bid result
June 15, 2018
Financing documents by unified standard