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It is challenge ... with basic idea of "gusset which wants to live" "gusset which wants to work" "town which we want to bring up" ... three to the future of Himi

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Himi-shi Masayuki Nagabayashi

 We will take municipal administration as the tenth Himi mayor.

 We feel that the body is tightened to size of expectation that had you have for me and tick away importance of mission on chest some other time and are determination to raise all energy, and to accomplish responsibilities.

  By the way, I will wrestle for "town planning" to assume "gusset which wants to live" "gusset which wants to work" "town which we want to bring up" basic idea as challenge for the future of Himi-shi from now on.


* Town which is kind to elderly person and person with a disability and "town where we want to live" in which promotes town planning resisting disaster

 At first thing that we do to wait that is kind to anyone is important to make town where anyone wants to live in. To that end, becoming is important enhancement and barrier-free of local traffic.

 In addition, we will wrestle for creation of the employment in the city and premeditated maintenance of house to have young people live, and to make town with vigor.

 And safe town planning to protect life, property even if we put anything is important and road maintenance and earth and sand anti-disaster measures, tsunami measures are perfect and must perform.

 As it is "cancer" that it is cause of the death in medical aspect, and there is the most, we want to introduce PET - CT to discover cancer early into Kanazawa Medical University Himi municipal hospital early.

* "Gusset which wants to work" which creates work place by promoting company invitation and local industry

 Many of you goes to the suburbs to work from Himi. It is necessary to plan creation of the employment in the city by supporting company invitation and founding in Himi.

 In addition, local advancement of industry is important, too and we establish the medium and small-sized business promotion basics regulations and plan use of priority of local article for sale and push forward branding and the sixth industrialization of farm and marine industries thing and will wrestle for activation of regional economy.

 We publicize much charm of Himi and we match with sightseeing promotion and will make place of the employment.

* "Town which we want to bring up" which promotes the making of environment or ICT education that child care is easy to make 

 There are becoming very few children now. Therefore at first it has top priority and wants to push forward "stop the declining birthrate, population decline".

 To that end, the making of environment that it is easy to make child care, and women are easy to commit is important. Specifically, you must take measures that improvement of after-school care for children or reduction of childcare charges are radical.

 And school education is important, too and will plan improvement of ICT education including maintenance of introduction and tablet terminator of electronic board.

 In addition, we ask about voice that there are few amusement places of children well in the city. We will push forward deterioration measures of maintenance and sports facility of place where children can play happily.


We will focus on two next points to realize three "towns"

Administrative sense of speed
 As social conditions change busily, we will push forward administration with sense of speed.

Talks and practice
 At first we ask about voice of citizen's all of you well and prioritize for it and will move to practice steadily.


My determination

 We reach low birthrate and aging, population decline society in the times and are said until local extinction now. Local construction is right very urgent problem.

 Population is less than 50,000 people, and Motoichi is in the very severe situation, but we raise will highly and show clear vision of Himi-shi that fixed its eyes on the future to. And we will push forward "town planning" by "talks and practice" to be able to continue living in peace until children reach toward the elderly person by repeating frank talks with many of you more.

 It is the time to change rapidly, and problem that must be settled diversifies, but, with giving first priority to happiness of citizen's all of you, will be diligent for municipal administration administration with courage and decision.

 Citizen's all of you hope that they have cooperation continuously.


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